Takeaway Driver
Allentown, PA
Oct 7, 2019
Job Description
This position is responsible for all functions relating to operating the palletizing equipment and forklift used to package asptic beverage finished products as well as cleaning (CIP) and sanitizing.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
*Operate all energized and non-energized forklift and palletizing equipment
*Monitors and Fixes faults as well as clearing any material jams in palletizing robot
*Pick and load put away inbounds trucks
*Monitor raw packaging material and supplies to ensure it is supplied in an efficient manner to support production
*Maintain ingredients and material in a first In First Out basis (FIFO)0
*perform routine maintenance as directed on all forklift and palletizing equipment. Document in written forms parts needed to be ordered
*Relieve other production team members for breaks and absences as require
*Maintain clean and organized area around equipment
*Troubleshoot and resolve basic to moderate operating difficulties involving area equipment
*Complete inspections of all critical parameters
*Must be able to work independently as well as professionally with all other team members
*Completes all require paperwork in a neat & professional manner
*Proficient and comfortable using computer

Preferably at least 1 year in food manufacturing & 3 years forklift experience

High School Diploma or equivalent

Knowledge and skills
Must possess the knowledge and understanding of basic math skills, including weight calculations, averages and percentages. Must be able to read and write in English.
Pay Rate
Whitehall, PA
3722 Lehigh Street, Suite 410
Whitehall, PA 18052
Phone: 610-439-2205
Fax: 610-439-2209