Machine Maintenance Helper
Doylestown, PA
Oct 7, 2019
Job Description
In making repairs, follows standard procedures, maintains recommeneded machine manual tolerances and alignments, and follows the direction of the trainer or Team Leader

*Perform oil and filter changes on machines
*Maintain dated records onpreventative maintenance that is performed on machines
*Assist with tankers to pump out water and oil storage tanks along with oil deliveries
*Clean out used totes and cut up for safe disposal as needed
*Rebuild pumps and assist Machine Maintenance personnel as needed to maintain machines on the shop floor, chip room and where needed.
*Performs preventive maintenance program following prescribed procedures and time intervals.
*Replaces or repairs machine parts or components detected to be defective. Maintains necessary program records.
*Helps to detect and report faulty machine operation, defective equipment, substandard components, or similar machine related shortcomings to
Team Leader
*Makes out time, production, and maintenance reports as necessary
*Maintain a clean and safe work area at all times.
Pay Rate
15.00-17.00 per hour
Lansdale, PA
Pennwood Plaza Suite #12
1801 N. Broad Street
Lansdale, PA 19466
Phone: 215-631-9500
Fax: 215-565-2564