Pick and Pack Clerk
Harleysville, PA
Oct 7, 2019
Job Description
*Ability to read and understand pick tickets/orders to complete tasks relating to this job
*Prepares all cartons and packages for scheduled shipment including labeling skid, carton, or package preparation, shipment record kepping and transfer to carrier
*Keeps the manager informed of status and progress of work and of unusual problems
*Checks the accuracy of shipping and receiving documents. Traces lost or delayed shipments
*Helps maintain shipping directories and guides
*Ensures that shipping and receiving counts match packing documents and lists. Ensures proper labels and tickets have been applied before shipping
*Assists in resolving any discrepancies
*Reports any problems, hazardous situations that may exist or any other pertinent information that may help the department improve its efficiency and productivity
*maintains good security habits at dock doors
*Helps to maintain perpetual inventories
*Produces necessary labels: load stock; monitors production; unloads printed stock; identifies printed labels
*Sets up and operates various shipping and mailing computers
*Becomes familiar with both domestic and foreign shipping
*Operates floor jacks (manual and electric) as needed
Pay Rate
Lansdale, PA
Pennwood Plaza Suite #12
1801 N. Broad Street
Lansdale, PA 19466
Phone: 215-631-9500
Fax: 215-565-2564