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Open Enrollment for Geisinger Health Insurance coverage

Open Enrollment for our MEC health insurance program will begin December 1, 2015 and run until December 31, 2016.

*It is the one-time each year you can change your health elections without restriction or a qualifying event. 

2015/2016 health benefit election changes will take effect on December 1st, 2015.  As a reminder, only a life-changing event (ex. marriage, divorce, birth of a child) will allow you to make any changes to your benefit elections outside of this open enrollment period.

Are There Any Plan Changes or Premium Adjustments from last year?.....YES!!

  • Plan Summary:  The deductible has gone up to $4,000 per person. 
  • Company/Employee Contributions: For the 2015/2016 plan year, OneSource will continue to contribute to the program as we did in the 2014/2015 plan. 
    • How do you figure out the deduction in your paycheck?  Take your hourly pay rate x 130hrs x 9.5%.... 

Example:  $10 hrly rate X 130 hrs X 9.5% = $123.50 per month (this is deducted on a weekly basis for a 4 week month).  Please note there is a prebill that is deducted one time and these funds are deducted in one paycheck. 

What is Your Next Step?

  • If you are currently participating in the Geisinger program and you wish to continue you do not need to do anything.
  • If you wish to elect Geisinger please see your OneSource Office and fill out the Election Form along with the Geisinger Enrollment Application prior to November 30th.
  • If you wish to WAIVE your current coverage you must come into your OneSource Office and fill out an Election Form “Waiving your Coverage”.  Until this form is completed OneSource will continue your participation in the coverage.

Should you have any questions throughout this process, please feel free to contact your local office.



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